Joseph B.

Dr. Fullem demonstrated much knowledge regarding a fungus condition that I have for 2 years. Being new to the area, relocating from NY, Dr. and his assistant made us feel comfortable, as he described the option, ordering a review of the affected nail and me aware of possible testing, a script, etc. He is very good and we recommend him highly.

Gail T.

Great doctor! I never have to wait when I come up. I love it!

Chris D.

Awesome visit. Very knowledgeable and personable. Highly recommend.

Patricia E.

Dr. Fullem is wonderful. He is sharp, smart, humanitarian and knows what he is talking about. I was impressed about his knowledge. I highly recommend him.

Cheryl Z.

Always a positive experience!

Denise F.

Dr Fullem made me feel comfortable and very personable. He was very thorough. Very personable!

Devin M.

Dr. Fullem was very casual, very professional and to the point. The appointment was informative and effective. I would definitely recommend him.

Viola P.

Dr. Fullem Is fantastic. Very approachable, makes sure you understand. And the best of all he listens.

Sylvia S.

My appointment was for an ingrown toenail. I was dreading the thought of him digging at it and how painful that would be. He clipped it very quickly. Yes, it hurt, but he was so quick about it that I barely had time to scream. I think a needle of novicane [sic] would have been much worse. He was very professional and friendly.

Paula K.

Office manager/staff friendly, efficient, non-threatening. Dr. Fullem was hands on, knowledgeable, caring, no nonsense. I was in and out in 30 minutes, no unnecessary tests or exams suggested. He explained everything clearly and used pictures also. He was down to earth, yet very professional. I would recommend this practice without reservation. Thanks so much.

Ricardo D.

Dr. Fullem was very quick to diagnose my problem, explained it very well and able to make several suggestions for various treatments that may help. I was very happy to hear him say that any type of surgery would be the last resort. I feel very confident that he will be able to help me without surgery.

William S.

Dr. Fullem listened to my concerns, relieved my worries and trimmed my toenails. Full service podiatry!

Kelly M.

Quick, fixed problem effectively and efficiently

Samantha B.

Super knowledgeable. Spent a lot of time with me listening and discussing things. Highly recommend him.

Heidi B.

Great appointment from the online appointment to the office staff to the doc. He was very personable and knowledgeable. I have plantar faciatis [sic] and was prescribed stretching and icing. Going back in 3 weeks.

Laurie R.

Dr. Fullem is very knowledgeable and makes you feel at ease right away. He always has a smile and is willing to answer any questions you may have.

Frances B.

Receptionist was very nice and professional. Talked with us while we waited, as I was very early for my appointment. Dr. Fullem called us back exactly at my scheduled appointment time. Dr. was friendly, professional, and explained the treatment and why after showing me the X rays. The Dr. also followed up with great tips on how to exercise and massage the damaged area, and great stretching moves to use. Dr. Fullem was very professional and friendly without being cold and boring.

Leslie M.

Dr. Fullem was wonderful. He provides a personal approach to his patients, actually coming to retrieve me from the waiting room, conducting my medical history in person, and taking the xrays himself! He listened to me, treated me with respect, provided a clear and understandable plan and treatment, and had me out in under 30 minutes!

Linda Y.

Totally recommend for all your foot and ankle issues. The best!

Deirdre B.

Dr. Fullem was very professional, friendly, and efficient. Recommend!

Lynn M.

I learned SO much in the 1/2 hr that the doctor spent w/ me – facts about my feet and their problems that I’d never heard before! His honesty is gratifying, and he left me with one inexpensive solution, and another with a shoe recommendation that should assure walking with ease. So, Dr. Fullem has an office you can look forward to visiting!

Ted Y.

Wonderful experience.

Gerald A.

Dr. Brian Fullem is excellent! He is extremely knowledgeable and committed. In addition to resolving all matters regarding my appointment, Dr. Fullem helped me with dietary supplement issues and insurance related questions. I highly recommend Dr. Fullem.

Eric V.

The visit was fast and thorough. He recommended many treatment options and I’m feeling better.

Paul H.

Helpful and instructional.

Jenna D.

Dr. Fullem treats each patient as equally important, and spends time to get a proper diagnosis. He gives appropriate guidance on how to correct the problem, without pushing expensive products or treatment. I highly recommend him to anyone with sports or running injuries.

Judith H.

Dr. Fullem is a caring and professional physician. He really listens to concerns and had a great treatment plan for my plantar fasciitis.

Amy T.

Dr. Fullem is very professional and knowledgeable. He understood my desire to get to the cause of my pain and treat my issue. He also understood my love for running and knew that I wanted to be running again as soon as possible.

Barbara D.

Dr. Fullem was so kind. He explained in detail what was troubling my feet. The office lady was very sweet.

Rose P.

Dr. Fullem is an amazing physician with a wonderful “bedside manner”. Knowledgeable and down to earth – rolled into one! HIGHLY recommend!

Brenda H.

Very pleased with doctor Fullem’s knowledge and interest in getting to the root of my heel pain. He listened to me and was very thorough. Angela in the front office was pleasant and helpful too.