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At Elite Sports Podiatry we treat everyone like an athlete. Dr. Fullem was a Division 1 athlete and is a Board Member of the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine. Dr. Fullem has a passion for treating athletes of all ages and abilities from any sport.

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Dr Brian Fullem is a Podiatrist that specializes in Sports Medicine. Dr Fullem has over 25 years of experience of treating athletes with lower extremity injuries ranging from people that exercise occasionally all the way to Olympians. We treat everyone like an elite athlete. Dr Fullem practiced in Connecticut for almost 20 years before relocating and opening his own practice in Clearwater, Florida. Dr Fullem has an extensive sports background including competing at a high level for Bucknell University (running 5K in 14:25 while there) and coaching in baseball, basketball, soccer and distance running which provides him with unique insight in the treatment of any athlete.

Dr Fullem is Board Certified in Foot Surgery and a Fellow of the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine. Dr Fullem has written extensively for Running Times magazine in the past and his articles can be found on our website and are now archived at RunnersWorld.com.

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Feedback From Our Patients

  • The staff was friendly, the office was clean and Dr. Fullem was wonderful. I am so glad that I found him. Unfortunately I have to undergo surgery on my right foot, but already I feel confident that Dr. Fullem is capable and someone who is interested in the final outcome.
  • This is a really incredible doctor! He explained things to me about diabetes that even the endocrinologist never told me nor any of the primary care doctors I have had. Extremely gentle, I did not know he had even removed my ingrown toe nail until I asked him what he was going to do, when he explained it was already done while we were discussing the diabetes. The office was immaculately clean and Angela is very efficient and professional at the front desk! I will recommend him to everyone I meet that would need a podiatrist!
  • I enjoyed every aspect of my visit. Dr. Fullem was professional, pleasant, and helpful. He gave me advice on shoes to help with my foot problem, which I immediately went out and bought. Thank you so much for all your help.
  • Dr Fullem was great.. Got right to my issue helped remove the problem and was very friendly and talkative throughout.. I would really recommend him to all.

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